0228_19871987 – I spend the summer working at Watchtower on the outskirts of the Grand Canyon National Park. Monday through Saturday, I cook burgers and scoop ice cream. On Sundays, I lead worship services in the small campground. I live with no car, no television, no radio. I read a lot of books and play a lot of Rummikub with my neighbors, Jim and Erleen, a retired couple from San Antonio, TX. I hike all over the Canyon, once even to the bottom by moonlight. It’s one wonderful summer!


1970 – We take many family camping trips on weekends. My father loves the mountains, thus many a Friday we head west from Petersburg after school and set up our green canvas tent by the glowing white light of the Coleman lantern. I wade in Otter Creek with my tennis shoes on. I look for Fairy Stones. I hike mountain trails. These weekends form me, putting me in my place with the world around me.

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